"Health benefits of aloe vera juice have long been
known. It hasbeen used historically as a soothing balm, applied externally for cuts, scrapes and burns. Modern uses of aloe vera are extensive. health benefits of aloe
vera taken internally include: improved circulation, regulation of blood pressure, promotes healing of bones
and joints, strengthens the immune system, defends the body against bacteria, heals internal tissue damage,
heals ulcers, improves and even eliminates constipation, blood sugar regulation, and reduces itchiness in
psoriasis helping it to heal.If you drink it daily, aloe vera can aid your digestion, improve your circulation and detoxify your body." according to American Chronicle.

  • Zach Pound, Chicago IL

    Never having tried AloeWater,
    I purchased a bottle seeing
    on the label that it was
    a Natural Detox Drink.
  • Paige Bowes, Chicago, IL

    I regularly do “hot yoga”
    and sweat quite a bit. Prior
    to my friend introducing me
    to coconut water
  • Ian Shaffer, Chicago, IL

    A few years ago, my mom
    signed up to get a monthly
    supply of goji berry juice
    for our family.
  • Jordan Frank, Highland Park, IL

    I saw AloeWater with other
    refrigerated beverages at a
    specialty grocery store I
    shop at in Highland Park, IL.
  • Todd Newmark, Overland Park,KS
    I routinely exercise and have
    become a fan of coconut
    water.I’ve tried most of
    the brands that my local
    grocer sells.
  • Joe Sameh, Wilmette, IL

    OK, I admit it. I’m addicted.
    Ever since my first taste, when
    a vendor with a horse drawn
  • Rachel Levy, Denver, CO

    I know the importance of
    having a good breakfast
    before beginning my workday.

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